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Nuse is a multidisciplinary team with a background in both design and journalism.

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to digital and online publishing, using our network of key players in media and knowledge of technology and design.

We use data and apply tech to create working solutions.


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Our team

Laurens Vreekamp

Product owner & UX designer

Anne Nienhuis

Operations manager

Jori van Keulen

Developer & UX designer

Billy Schonenberg


Frank Borgongen


Our friends

RTL Nieuws

Het Parool



VPRO Tegenlicht




Numrush / OKGO

Follow the money

Financieel Dagblad


Gooi & Eemlander




Vrij Nederland

NRC Handelsblad




Our toolbox

Indexing published content

Get a grip on the output of your organisation as a whole, regardless of the differences between departments.

Analysis, clustering, pattern recognition

Interdisciplinary differences can often be solved by giving an insight to the shared value of each other's work.

Internal data-visualisation

Nothing says more than a pretty cluster plot of your organisation.

Recommendations for content re-use

Minimize overtime by keeping track of what was already researched or published in the past.

Internal knowledge network

Re-connect your teams by laying out a map of who knows what.

How we work


Online intake

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Meeting with the team

To get everybody aligned and ready for the workshop, we will pay a visit to your organisation and meet with the decision makers and the team.


Design Thinking workshop

We will not simply 'come up' with a solution, we think this is an outdated approach.

Instead, we will facilitate a workshop, in which employees from your organisation from different disciplines will work together to find the real issues and design a solution.


Developing tools & services

We will prepare a set of tools and services, tailored to the results of the workshop. We do this at our own office, so we are prepared during the implementation.


30-day implementation on the spot

Problems that cannot be solved within 30 days, should either be re-evaluated, or split up in smaller chunks.

Our process, due to proper preparation and multi-disciplinary collaboration, guarantees a implementation period of 30 days max!

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